To quickly make decisions that can impact the company, information is crucial – as well as how quickly it can be distributed to those who need it.

​WTS provides our customers with monitoring, reporting, auditing, and response services. Monitoring the systems in your datacenter or the cloud helps you keep the environment running smoothly, provides the means to proactively correct problems before outages occur, and reduces the costs of resolving problems. Reporting is equally important as it helps the knowledgebase of the company grow to understand such occurrences and reduce likelihood in the future.

Is your system ready to support the cloud? How will it actually save money?

WTS provides audits of current systems to analyze cloud-readiness, IT Security compliance, and upgrades to legacy networks and systems. Audits provide a proactive approach to identifying and closing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited or bring an environment to its knees.

Our consultants have a wide-variety of skills and specializations that can assist you in planning how IT works with and supports your business. Looking for temporary support while you train your staff? WTS can help. Need surge-support for a specific task? Think WTS. Sudden loss of highly-skilled professionals? WTS will be there for you!