For decades, traditional IT has been built around silos of expertise. The network engineers control the network; the storage and systems administrators control the hardware; and the database architects and engineers ensure the information is organized and accessible.

​Cloud computing upends this approach by virtualizing infrastructure and enabling IT to deliver, track and bill based on the actual usage of the resource. Rather than having to get approval for buying a new server, end users can simply rent it for an additional fee. The Service providers provide the infrastructure, but it is up to the company to properly size, configure, and manage their systems once deployed.

Transitioning to the cloud can be challenging for companies as this line of reasoning in the cloud is different than it was in a datacenter or in the next room.

At WTS, we want to make transitions and upgrades to datacenters and cloud infrastructures a controlled and understood process. Our engineers specialize in bridging the gap between datacenters and cloud hosting sites. We can assist with small applications all the way up to full infrastructure development and management.